All Things 450 Triple

My “Triple” Seems Gutless — Is That Normal?

Yep. The 450 triple is indeed gutless compared to the 600, which means we can get on the gas earlier and drive through apexes. It is possible to spin up and slide the rear but it’s harder to do than the 600, i.e. the 450 is a more forgiving race bike. We typically run +9000 rpm everywhere while trying to maintain as much momentum through the corners as possible. For example, heres a time vs. rpm graph around Thunderhill Raceway (1 lap). We also run different gearing to help keep RPMs up and get better drive off the corners. In the AFM paddock, a 15T front and 46, 47, or 48T rear is common. Lastly, the triple is hard to launch so it takes some practice (e.g. +10K... read more

AFM’s First 450 Triple

The idea behind trying this concept was to introduce some fresh metal into a dying class the AFM’s 450 Super Bike class. (

Mainly the class consisted of recycled Yamaha FZR400’s, a couple of Kawasaki ZXR400’s, some Honda VFR400’s, RVF400’s, an occasion CBR400, and a few EX500’s. O, and there’s a SV500 too! (

All of these are rare or custom built, and parts sources are drying up all over the world. Awesome bikes, and crazy fun to ride, but tiring to own and race.

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