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"You did what to a perfectly good 600?"


bike1-1The 450 Triple is an inline 4 cylinder, 600cc motorcycle with one cylinder disabled, functionally making it a 3 cylinder, 450cc motorcycle.

Our Builds are simple and inexpensive modifications that allow easy access to the 450 Super Bike grid. Additionally, the modifications are reversible so that the engine can be converted back to a 600cc — for cross class racing or future sale.

The 450 Triple engine power and torque are competitive for the 450 Super Bike, 650 Production, and Formula IV classes run in AFM. For example, most of the 450 Triples produce 70-80 hp and are on par with a built 400 or production SV 650.

450 Triple Riders by Year






In 2012, the Mike Lohmeyer piloted an “exhibition status” 450 Triple to several expert class wins in the American Federation of Motorcyclists (AFM) racing series. The experimental 450 Triple class was admitted into the 2013 AFM Rulebook by a razor-thin two vote margin.

Since 2013, the 450 triple class participation has increased steadily year over year. Many racers attribute the low cost of modification and the large number of inexpensive race-ready 600s as the primary reasons for entering the class. But it’s the close racing on-track and tight community off-track that’s bringing racers back year after year…

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